Creative Industries Fund NL presents Young Talent at Dutch Design Week

During the Dutch Design Week, which runs from 18 to 26 October, the Creative Industries Fund NL is showcasing young talent. The exhibition In No Particular Order displays work by young creative professionals who in 2013/2014 received a year-long grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL. The exhibition focuses on recent work, but also provides insights about the current generation of creatives who are active in the fields of design, architecture and e-culture.What makes someone a talent? How is talent moulded? That is the pivotal question addressed by this exhibition at the Schellensfabriek in Eindhoven. Factors that play a role in the shaping of talent – equipment, production processes, influential books, role models and correspondence – were investigated and amassed for this presentation. Do people acquire talent through practical experience or are they born with it? ‘With this exhibition I wanted to separate the notion of talent from its aura of mystery and dissect the actual qualities and other factors that contribute to the shaping of talent,’ explains curator Agata Jaworska.

New work and interpreting current trends
In No Particular Order presents work by individual talents, but also reveals trends and interrelationships. Sketchbooks, personal libraries, studios, working methods and ideas are combined to provide a surprising insight into this young generation of creatives. This reveals overarching themes such as interdisciplinary approaches and critical visions. ‘I don’t want to survive in a design world that is totally fixated on mass production and products,’ says designer Jólan van der Wiel, while fashion designer Pauline van Dongen questions the very field in which she operates: ‘The fashion industry is so dominant that almost nobody reconsiders the way we produce and distribute.’

The exhibition features work by Adriaan AarnoudseAliki van der KruijsArna MackicBeer van GeerBoris de BeijerDanny CremersDeniz TerliElisabeth KlementFoteini SetakiIrma FöldényiJinhyun JeonJólan van der WielJorge BakkerLinda ValkemanMaaike FransenPauline van DongenPieter StoutjesdijkPinar DemirdagRick van der LindenRogier Delfos and Viola Renate.

Talent development grants
Talent development is one of the Fund’s five objectives. Up to 30 highly promising designers/creatives are selected for a grant every year. The Fund also offers a supporting programme to improve the tie-in with professional practice. There is coaching and support for the group and on an individual basis to develop entrepreneurial skills and professionalism, where possible tailored to individual needs.

18–26 October 2014
11:00–20:00 daily
Schellensfabriek, Vestdijk 280, Eindhoven

Some weeks ago I got the idea to organize a streaming event, where electronic musicians are connected through streaming video & audio. And now it’s already coming to reality in the form of Hyphae!

The first Hyphae event will bring you Iceland’s finest electronica live from Reykjavík. The event will be live-streamed directly to TodaysArt Session #2 at the Korzo theater in The Hague.

Line-up: Skurken, Tonik, Beatmakin Troopa, Orang Volta, Plat, Steve Sampling, Murya and Futuregrapher.

Hyphae is an innovative music platform which provides insight into the nowadays exploding digital and web-based music culture through live-streamed performances by artists from all over the world.

These days the general public is still overloaded with dishonest music through corporate web-based and traditional media channels and companies, both on- and off-line. Hyphae (pronounced hi-fa) is here to bring outstanding upcoming musicians which have grown tremendously through the inter-webs, accelerated by digital and networked culture. Hyphae is here to remember the people of what good music is all about.

During Hyphae events, digital sounds and images are transferred to the physical world through live-streaming shows featuring sublime artists performing live from their own parties, homes or studio’s. The audience experiences the artist(s) live and the artist(s) sees the audience live.


A 60-minute screening of bedazzling, newly psychedelic music videos from our 2Pause curated online collection, to be shown on the BIG screen as part of the MU’s “The New Psychedelica” show which runs April 8th to June 5th 2011.

LSD, tranquilizers, and headache pills will be catered for.

Check out the show blurb – it is right up your straatje:

Today it’s time for a big update. I didn’t had much time to keep my blog alive, so I’m going to publish this little story to blow some live in it again! Had some very busy months, from traveling through Iceland making a new MindApp to developing futuristic interfaces for security company’s.

The Dagaz project is going pretty well. This month a Korean version will be released! A package with a NeuroSky Mindset and some games will be available in the shops, Dagaz is included. So exiting times are coming up. I also did some lectures about Dagaz in Berlin (Club Transmediale Festival) & The Hague (Dev Haag Meeting). And had a installation with Dagaz on the first edition of Fiber in Amsterdam (very nice festival).

Dagaz on Fiber Festival by Onno Siemens

At the moment I’m finishing up a nice project for a Security Company. This project is similar to the interface everybody knows from the movie Minority Report. By using a projection technique on glass and a interactive foil, me and my teammates (J.PUNT & Mulligrubs) produced a interactive story to simulate the future of security systems, a bit scary, but interesting. See a demo of the installation below, official coverage coming soon.

The next coming months I will spend my spare time in developing my Iceland project called “Grapheme”. Grapheme will be an open platform to wire your brainwaves to visual particle effects. This means you can control colors, movements, lighting and more on your screen with your brain! Hopefully I can release this project in summer 2011.

In the meanwhile  I aged a year (24). I got a really nice present from my parents; The Red Book of Carl Jung. This book is really great, it shows a bunch of research in the collective unconsciousness of the human mind with drawings and text, really helpfull for my brain-projects. See a video of the book below:

Last but certainly not least topic of this update-post, is that I joined the SubmarineChannel team in Amsterdam! A really nice organization creating tons of cool stuff. Sot this is it for now, keep you posted!

The Quantified Self meeting was a succes last week!

Quantified Self is a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking. This is a regular show and tell for people taking advantage of various kinds of personal tracking – geotracking, life-logging, DNA sequencing, etc. – to gain more knowledge about themselves. Come share what you are doing, and learn from others. Topics include, but are not limited to: Chemical Body Load Counts, Personal Genome Sequencing, Lifelogging, Self Experimentation, Risks/Legal Rights/Duties, Behavior monitoring, Location tracking, Non-invasive Probes, Digitizing Body Info, Sharing Health Records, Psychological Self-Assesments, Medical Self-Diagnostics.

I will be speaking on this event about my winning project Dagaz (also the possibility to try it out for the public). The meeting is on the 20th of September in Amsterdam. Join and more info over here.