Switching from contemporary art to commercial assignments their shared goal is to create simple and communicative projects; hyper esthetics, funny and confusing. These multi talented minds know how to bring across the essential.

Wanna see how to melt a chocolate bunny with a flatiron? Well, this is your night.

Program: Wed 25 May at 21u/ Doors open 20.30
Entree fee: Regular € 5.00/ Students € 2.50
Location: Zeebelt Theater De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A, The Hague
Info & tickets: Cinetoko.com

First edition of a new series of Submarine Channel events in Amsterdam, organized by yours truly in collab with the lovely film buffs of Kriterion Theater. We’ll be doing four of these things this year, each one with a different theme. It’s really all about talented creators who show their stuff live, combined with a screening program. And meeting peeps and having drinks of course. Theme of the 25th is *insert echo here*: The Future of Music Videos… featuring two presentations by Dutch music video maestros Mr. Roel Wouters of Xelor and Nexus UK and Mr. Maurice Trouwborst of Filmjugend; and lots of 2pause music vids on the big screen.

Roetersstraat 170, 1018 WE
Amsterdam, Netherlands

25May, 20:00

Already posted this talk last week on FB & Twitter. But this should also be on the blog. Enjoy if you didn’t see it yet:

“If you say you are Anonymous, and do something as Anonymous, then Anonymous did it,” said the hacker, who uses the online nickname Kayla. “Just because the rest of Anonymous might not agree with it, doesn’t mean Anonymous didn’t do it.”

Spotted on Nercore

Today it’s time for a big update. I didn’t had much time to keep my blog alive, so I’m going to publish this little story to blow some live in it again! Had some very busy months, from traveling through Iceland making a new MindApp to developing futuristic interfaces for security company’s.

The Dagaz project is going pretty well. This month a Korean version will be released! A package with a NeuroSky Mindset and some games will be available in the shops, Dagaz is included. So exiting times are coming up. I also did some lectures about Dagaz in Berlin (Club Transmediale Festival) & The Hague (Dev Haag Meeting). And had a installation with Dagaz on the first edition of Fiber in Amsterdam (very nice festival).

Dagaz on Fiber Festival by Onno Siemens

At the moment I’m finishing up a nice project for a Security Company. This project is similar to the interface everybody knows from the movie Minority Report. By using a projection technique on glass and a interactive foil, me and my teammates (J.PUNT & Mulligrubs) produced a interactive story to simulate the future of security systems, a bit scary, but interesting. See a demo of the installation below, official coverage coming soon.

The next coming months I will spend my spare time in developing my Iceland project called “Grapheme”. Grapheme will be an open platform to wire your brainwaves to visual particle effects. This means you can control colors, movements, lighting and more on your screen with your brain! Hopefully I can release this project in summer 2011.

In the meanwhile  I aged a year (24). I got a really nice present from my parents; The Red Book of Carl Jung. This book is really great, it shows a bunch of research in the collective unconsciousness of the human mind with drawings and text, really helpfull for my brain-projects. See a video of the book below:

Last but certainly not least topic of this update-post, is that I joined the SubmarineChannel team in Amsterdam! A really nice organization creating tons of cool stuff. Sot this is it for now, keep you posted!

Hello there everybody. At the moment I’m staying at a artist residence called SIM and working together with company Mindgames in downtown Reykjavik! My goal of this month (november) was to do some experiments and research for my follow up app of the Dagaz project. Reykjavik is great inspiration to work, meet people and enjoy nature! Hope to release some info or demo soon about the new developments around my mind-projects.

This Wednesday I’m giving a lecture about my Dagaz project and hopefully can show some new stuff, so for the people who read this and are in the neighborhood :

Noon lecture in Iceland Academy of the Arts,Skipholt 1,105 Reykjavík (visual arts department) Wednesday 1 December at 11:00 pm (Icelandic time so maybe it starts a bit later).

Some pictures of my trip are available at FLICKR

The Quantified Self meeting was a succes last week!

Quantified Self is a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in self knowledge through self-tracking. This is a regular show and tell for people taking advantage of various kinds of personal tracking – geotracking, life-logging, DNA sequencing, etc. – to gain more knowledge about themselves. Come share what you are doing, and learn from others. Topics include, but are not limited to: Chemical Body Load Counts, Personal Genome Sequencing, Lifelogging, Self Experimentation, Risks/Legal Rights/Duties, Behavior monitoring, Location tracking, Non-invasive Probes, Digitizing Body Info, Sharing Health Records, Psychological Self-Assesments, Medical Self-Diagnostics.

I will be speaking on this event about my winning project Dagaz (also the possibility to try it out for the public). The meeting is on the 20th of September in Amsterdam. Join and more info over here.

Een paar weken geleden heb ik een post gedaan over de Mindset van Neurosky, een EEG apparaat voor de consumenten markt. Met dit apparaat is het mogelijk om hersenactiviteit te meten en om te zetten in computer handelingen (binnenkort eerste Mindgame van Universal Mediaman beschikbaar). Nu heeft concurrent Emotiv (soortgelijke EEG, maar iets duurder) een mooie TED talk voor elkaar. Het verschil met de Mindset is de hoeveelheid sensoren die de gebruiker moet plaatsen. Zie hier een demonstratie van het apparaat: